Let’s trade Jews!

Barack Obozo suggested a trade after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

At the meeting’s conclusion, the two leaders walked out to the adjoining room where the Israeli and American delegations were talking.

“So,” Obama announced, according to the source in the room, “we’ve decided that we are going to trade our Lieberman for their Lieberman,” referring to the independent American senator and the hard-line Israeli foreign minister.


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Obama Messiah

Obama Messiah
Obama Messiah


This photo was posted on the White House blog at http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Photostream-Business-and-Pleasure-in-August/

What a sense of humor!

And don’t forget the one about being God’s partner.

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God is my partner

August 19, 2009:  Barack Obozo had this to say today in support of government’s takeover of the healthcare system:

We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.

Obozo’s pay grade has gone way up since he declined to share his thoughts on when life begins.

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Blast from the past: Hillary Clinton is likable

January 6, 2008:  During a debate between Democrat presidential candidates, Barack Obozo says Hillary Clinton is likable:

You’re likable enough, Hillary.  No doubt about it.

He delivered the line with a straight face!  Only the very greatest comedians can do things like that.

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It will cost a trillion dollars to make healthcare affordable

June 15, 2009:  Barack Obozo told this one-liner in a speech to the American Medical Association:

Making health care affordable for all Americans will cost somewhere on the order of $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

I’m sure this joke would have been a big hit at a meeting of economists.

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August in Washington

August 20, 2009:  Here’s what Barack Obozo had to say today on an online forum on healthcare:

There’s something about August going into September where everyone in Washington gets all ‘wee-weed’ up.

Poddy humor.  You gotta love it.

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Blast from the past: Joe Biden is ready to be President

August 23, 2008: Barack Obozo introduced Sen. Joe Biden to the nation as his running mate, telling supporters that Biden is “a leader who is ready to step in and be president.”

I don’t know how much Barack Obozo pays his joke writers.  Whatever he pays them, it’s not enough.

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